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Mar 11, 2022
In Event Planner Applications
Steam Name: SharkY l Megalodon Ingame Name: CT HGL 6776 Ryker Age: 22 Steam Profile Link: Time in GMod: 2.702 Time In Server: 5d 14h 32m. on new host Steam ID:76561198066771683 Please state any experience with StarwarsRP event planning: I got many ideas, but it's been a while as staff, and event planner in any server as I took over a year break from gmod. Do you understand the role of a Game Master?: Yes, to make people play epic events, and get feedback to improve and make sure people have a good time on the server Why do you think you should get this position?: Because I have some good event ideas, and can help people think of their ideas. Im nice and been here a good while, I wanna do a lot of passive rp :) Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: Yes everyday Are you aware if you become inactive you will be removed from your position? Yes Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: Yes Do you have a microphone?: Yes Hyperx quadcast Are you fluent English?: Yes How available are you?: after 16.00 Uk time Do you understand that you will be the frontline of the server and representing Prestige Alliance in every way?: yes ofc Do you understand that as an Event Staff member you will be putting other people’s roleplay and experience before your own?: Yes thats what I hope! Do you understand that you will be working in a professional environment and we expect you to promote professionalism?: Yes! Do you understand how to use Garry’s Mod tools and commands in-game?: Yes most of em might be rusty but gotta relearn and I'm quick. Do you have a good understanding of Star Wars lore?: Yep Please give an example of a large-scale event with 40+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: We start on world, where a meteor crashes on the base and planet, and 1 of the stones were an escape pod. We head out to see what the meteor shower was, and finds the pod, with a dead body and a datapad from this traitor of the sepreatist "name will be given later" we found out he deserted and wanted to give us info and get witness protection. We find out that the separatist is working on a new ship type, and we gotta blow up the factory and get a holocron for the jedi. More in-depth if I get accepted Please give an examaple of a medium scale event with 20+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: a onworld then a High AC members lands and Inspects the base and ac and everything guarded by HG, then we get attacked during it, and gotta show him how we defend, and then we chase them to a outer rim map Please give a example of a small scale event with 10+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: Standard Bunk inspections, Base maintenance, CIS attacks, Assasin droids trying to get info past AC checkpoint Feel free to add any further information here: I love this community, been here since January only and made my way decently up in shock, I'm active, and Community Representive.
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