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Jan 30, 2022
In Commander/Officer Applications
Steam Name: thelumious6980 Ingame Name: Hunter Age: 18 Steam Profile Link: Time in GMod: 1.52k hours. Time In Server: 1 month 1 day 16 hours. Steam ID: 76561198333063591. Battalion/Regiment applying for: 501st legion. Experience with StarwarsRP: I have played on a small imperial RP server before, called Vanguard, before it shut down and changed to a different brand of RP. I have also been a member of the Prestige Community since August 2021. Knowledge on your battalion: The 501st legion is a frontal assault Clone legion, lead by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano and Clone Captain CT-7567 Rex Do you understand the lore of the battalion: I do Why do you think you should get this position?: I think I should get this position because I can get on well with people, and I can help to co-ordinate more trainings between the different battalions, allowing for more cohesion on the battlefield and around the base. Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: Yes I am Are you aware if you are inactive for 7 days with no further notice you will be demoted from your position?: I understand Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: I understand Do you have a microphone?: I do How available are you?: I am available most of the time What makes you a good commander?: I get on well with a lot of people, which will help cohesion in the long run, on top of this, I used to be on trial to become a Second Lieutenant within the 501st, which in turn shows I have great experience with leading the battalion and leading the boys in blue. What does your battalion do?(MIN. 3 Sentences): The 501st Legion is an elite legion of brothers who fight side by side with great power and efficiency. The 501st are the ones responsible for frontline assault, making them the ones first in the action. The 501st are the ones to push objectives fast and hold them, waiting for reinforcements. What is the Golden Rule?: The Golden Rule of the Clone Army is to never shoot another brother. What do you do if you are retreating from direct fire and a trooper is left behind?: You lay down covering fire until the trooper in question has been retrieved, no brother left behind. What is your course of action when you are injured in combat? Do you fight those clankers? Or Do you fall back to the medics?: If I am injured and my men are not, I will fall back to the medics, however if a good quantity of my men are injured at the same time I am, I will hold my ground until they either retreat or medics arrive at our position.
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