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Jan 29, 2022
In Event Planner Applications
Steam Name:MatthewMay7 Ingame Name:Naklerk Age:14 Steam Profile Link: Time in GMod:1yr on old account 1month on new account Time In Server:5 days Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:634619130 Please state any experience with StarwarsRP event planning:N/A Do you understand the role of a Game Master?:Yes Why do you think you should get this position?:I think is hould get this postion becuase i can event every afternoon and im active in-game Are you active on Prestige Alliance?:Yes Are you aware if you become inactive you will be removed from your position?:Yes Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: Do you have a microphone?:Yes But does not work Are you fluent English?:Yes How available are you?:Available on Weekdays afternoon and on weekends afternoon and morning Do you understand that you will be the frontline of the server and representing Prestige Alliance in every way?: Do you understand that as an Event Staff member you will be putting other people’s roleplay and experience before your own?:Yes Do you understand that you will be working in a professional environment and we expect you to promote professionalism?:Yes Do you understand how to use Garry’s Mod tools and commands in-game?:Ik Tools but not commands Do you have a good understand of Star Wars lore?:Yes Please give an example of a large scale event with 40+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish:A massive CIS invasion Please give an exmaple of a medium scale event with 20+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish:A sith coming to base Please give a example of a small scale event with 10+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish:A Jedi Holocron Stolen Feel free to add any further information here:N/A
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