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Jan 30, 2022
In Custom Character Applications
Steam Name: Rise Steam Profile Link: Time In Server: 5D 2hr Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:155764516 What is the name of your character: Cin Drallig Is your character a OUTER RIM/CLONE TROOPER/JEDI/OTHER(if so please explain)?: Jedi Please explain the lore of your character [minimum 500 words, no copy and paste]: Cin Drallig was a Council Member and had the responsibility of Temple Protection and Temple Guard oversight as the Chief of Security. He was personally trained as a Padawan by the Grand Master of the Order Yoda. Drallig was known as the Best Duelist in the order from years of teaching Masters such as Obi-wan and Anakin how to duel, This encouraged his rise in the order and with it his fame. However he earnt the nickname of 'the Troll' from members of the order as he had rough facial features and had a harsh attitude. Why do you think your character would benefit our server?: Allows More RP and TG control(im Currently TG Commander so its not a power move) and allows for another Lore character to be implemented to the server Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: Yes Are you aware if you are inactive for 30 days with no further notice your character can be removed?:Yes Do you have a microphone?: Yes What makes you a good roleplayer?: I dont like just running in and killing stuff i like the breaks in that where RP has to happen so each person can fulfill the role that they were trained for. Do you have any ingame warnings?: No What weapons would your character have?: Same Lightsaber as Temple Guard What model would your character have?: Temple Guard Model and Jedi Human (there is no cin drallig model) Please attach any appropriate photos relating to your character (if applicable):
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