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Apr 25, 2022
In Event Planner Applications
Steam Name: Wolf In game Name: CT 4839 Wolf Age: 17 Steam Profile Link: Time in GMod: 4,121 Hours Time In Server: I have been apart of the server since July 2021 but if I had to make an educated guess based on the hours I had during my first application I would have to put it around 20 days. Steam ID: Steam_0:1:86671123 Please state any experience with StarwarsRP event planning: I have been Deputy Head on this sever and senior event planner on two others. Do you understand the role of a Game Master?: yes Why do you think you should get this position?: I'd love to breathe life back into the events team and try to bring up the quality of events on the server again. Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: yes Are you aware if you become inactive you will be removed from your position?: yes Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: yes Do you have a microphone?: yes Are you fluent English?: yes How available are you?: I should be available most of the time but with exams coming up my time will be shortened due to my need to revise. Do you understand that you will be the frontline of the server and representing Prestige Alliance in every way?: yes Do you understand that as a staff member you will be putting other people’s roleplay and experience before your own?: yes Do you understand that you will be working in a professional environment and we expect you to promote professionalism?: yes Do you understand how to use Garry’s Mod tools and commands in-game?: Yes I am Do you have a good understand of Star Wars lore?: yes Please give an example of a large scale event with 40+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: A large scale attack has been launched on Kamino and it is up to us to take back the cloning facility, however, a Sith has accompanied the droids and there and his main goal is to steal a DNA sample of the clones you then clear out the cloning facility but the DNA has been locked down, you breach it and then fight the Sith inside with the assistance of the Jedi once it looks like you have one the Sith escapes, it is then your duty to hunt down the Sith and retrieve the DNA sample which you track him down to a planet and have a massive full frontal assault, once you then get to the Sith it is up to the person playing the Sith and the Jedi if he surrenders or dies in combat either way works, if he dies that's the end of that and if not the Jedi/Shock could have some passive RP in interrogating him. Please give an example of a medium-scale event with 20+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: In this event, the objective for the Republic is to go to a neutral planet and convince the King of the planet to join the Republic, as he has set up talks with the CIS and that the planet is in between two major hyperspace trade routes, so the Republic would land at the Kings palace/castle and immediately secure it ensuring there is no CIS on the planet, it would then be up to the Jedi and Fleet/Battalion Command to convince the King to join the Republic depending on how the talks go and what happens during the event he can 1. Accept the offer 2. Deny it or 3. Decide to stay neutral, also while this is going on the CIS lead a full-scale attack on the palace/castle and it is up to the clones to defend it and make sure the CIS doesn't reach the King, however, if the CIS manage to breach the walls and make it inside the clones would then hold a 'last stand' in the king's throne room to determine the ultimate victor of the battle. Please give an example of a small scale event with 10+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: A shipment delivery that goes terribly wrong as it was delivered to the wrong place and releases either a highly deadly droid out into the base or an exotic deadly creature. Feel free to add any further information here: I made this late at night while trying to get coursework done at the same time so if there are any grammar mistakes or sentences that don't make any sense I apologise.
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