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Apr 15, 2022
In Commander/Officer Applications
Steam Name: INSANE Ingame Name: CT GML 1108 Insane Age: 19 Steam Profile Link: Time in GMod: 12025 hours (Not joking) Time In Server: 1w 18h Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:74170182 Battalion/Regiment applying for: 501st Legion Experience with StarwarsRP: I could been here all day if I gave all my experience but to cut it short I’ve been playing SWRP since around 2015/2016 and pretty much had my fair share of commanding positions, alongside this currently I have worked my way up to 2nd Lieutenant in the 21st Nova Corps Knowledge on your battalion: 501st Legion were of course quite a small regiment within the republic due to fact of it being a Legion, with this being said the 501st were known for being an attack regiment which was led into battle by Captain Rex, Commander Ashoka Tano and General Anakin Skywalker. Then with this the 501st Legion were some of the most known characters within the Clone Wars as a whole and all around respected by members of the Grand Army Of The Republic. Do you understand the lore of the battalion: Yes I understand the lore behind the 501st Legion. Why do you think you should get this position?: The reason that I feel I should get the position over possibly anyone else who might apply is due to sheer fact of once I get commander I want to attempt to make it so the regiment can be the best it can be to where people can enjoy their clone life. Then with this hosting activities and comps to keep up morale within the regiment and possibly making it so the individuals in the regiment want to keep playing to win these comps and activities, alongside this I feel I should also get the position at the sheer fact of that I play the server everyday with this being said making it so the 501st can keep to being an active regiment. Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: I come on everyday for around 8 hours or so Are you aware if you are inactive for 7 days with no further notice you will be demoted from your position?: I understand and do not intend on going inactive if the position was given to myself Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: Currently have no issues in joining the server Do you have a microphone?: Indeed How available are you?: Everyday of the week What makes you a good commander? I feel what would make me a good commander of the 501st Legion is my motivation as currently in the 21st Nova Corps I have shown that I am dedicated to the regiment and willing to help out with anything at such as the multiple documents I’ve made for Galactic Marines, Tryout Guide and the Roster. Then as well with saying this I feel that I would be able to make it so the 501st Legion can be more enjoyable for people by hosting trainings and possibly doing things such as toruments in the regiment to all around make it so there are more activities for people in the regiment. Then another reason I would be a good commander is the fact I am very much as I’ve said available all the time so if people have a problem they can message me alongside this the activity I have shown on the server and with that shown I am able to hold a command position. What does your battalion do?(MIN. 3 Sentences): The 501st Legion as I said are a Legion of the Clone Army which mostly just specialise in frontline combat scenarios with this being said they use their advanced tactics in battle to make sure it can come out for a strategic victory. Then alongside this the 501st are more than capable of being able to hold down any position and with this then being able to get the upper hand to where they can flank the enemy with this pushing forward. Then finally the 501st, although being an attack regiment as said could pretty much hold down an objective for an elongated amount of time to where they could push on the opposing force. What is the Golden Rule?: Never harm another brother What do you do if you are retreating from direct fire and a trooper is left behind?: The number one rule I feel of just being in the army is that you are never to leave someone behind so with this being said I would get the troopers that I have with me give me covering fire while myself and possibly a medic push up to get the trooper then from here get the medic to check if he is still alive and then from here later on getting the soldier away from the field continuing the retreat. What is your course of action when you are injured in combat? Do you fight those clankers? Or Do you fall back to the medics?: In this situation although fighting all of the droids would be the heroic thing to do I feel all around falling back to the medics is the safer idea, then my reasoning in this would be for the fact of that if I fall back to the medics and then get patched up by the medics I can get back out on the field back to the fight where I would be able to keep lead of my men rather than them being stuck without a leader when the droids had killed me.
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