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Apr 20, 2022
In RSC Applications
SteamID: 76561198275863458 How old are you?: 15 What are your expectations to Command?: I expect Command to be able to lead in a effective manner, while maintaining utmost seriousness and being quick to react to situations that can deteriorate. I would also like to add that being unbiased is a very important aspect of the job. Time on server: 1w14h57m Name & Ingame name: Beast & Hermes Experience: On this server, I have been part of 104th in the past as well as taking part of 501st as a SSGT, Jedi Temple Vanguard are the current ranks I hold. In the past, I have also had a lot of experience being fleet on different servers so I have a grasp on what is expected from this position. Are you aware that if you are inactive for more than 4 days you will be demoted from Command?: Are you active?: I try to be on as much as possible whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle so about 2-3hours daily is usually how long you would see me on but it does vary. In your eyes what does Command do? Command is here to maintain order within the base and to give orders to troopers as well as commanders in any sort of mission ex. granting access to use jetpacks for ARC, or PTL . They are also expected to be able to lead in an effective manner whilst maintaining professionalism at all times and being a role model to other troopers and helping them along the way with any questions they may have. What would you do during the event of an ambush?: In the event of an ambush, my main priority would be to consolidate all the troops at my disposal in order to regroup ourselves and think logically and critically of a good counter attack to deflect our enemies' move and to outsmart them into winning. After regrouping, I would later order attacking regiments to have a blunt push towards the enemy whilst more mechanized regiments can deploy any equipment at our disposal as well as air support. To add on, I would order spec ops, to flank the enemy from the sides in order to over run them. What would you do if a Sith has been spotted during the mission?: If a sith were to be spotted during a mission, I would first relay this critical information to any jedi masters or high council members and they could take the precautions necessary to effectively deal with the threat. If the latter wasn’t available, I would order my troops to tread carefully against this threat. Where would you place the different units during a attack on a hostile Base?: My planning for a base attack on a hostile base would go as the following: 501st/212th: Frontline attacking regiments so they’ll be our backbone troops to help secure the base for us, air support will be provided to them to help support their aggressive push towards the base. 104th: Would be quite a flexible regiment providing support to both the backline and frontline to help maintain balance and filling any gaps that may form to make sure our advance does not get halted. Shock: Would stay behind and protect VIP’s or take in any prisoners that may be apprehended Spec Ops (ARC/RC): I would order them to set up on hills surrounding the base and try to infiltrate covertly and try to disrupt any enemy activity whilst providing critical information for the rest of the troops to use. They will also be tasked in making a distraction to allow for the main force to pass as safely as possible What would you do during a attack on the base?: During the event of a base attack, my main objective would be to hold onto the base not being overrun. In order to have an effective defense, I would order all available troopers to their respective battle stations and to man them to the last bullet. I would also change the defcon level as this is considered as a very serious threat. 501st and 212th would be the first to push out whilst Shock and other available regiments would be to safeguard any important locations ie. Reactor, CC … Are you aware that everything told within Command will be kept confidential and will not be said to Troops?: Yes Are you aware that you will be a role model for other troops?: Yes Is there any questions for Command that you want to have answered during your interview?: None
Apr 02, 2022
In Staff Applications
Steam Name: TheBeast67 Ingame Name: Beast Age: 15 Steam Profile Link: Time in GMOD: 5362hours Time In Server: 1d9h15m Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:157798865 Experience with StarwarsRP staffing: I have previously been staff on quite a few small scale starwarsrp servers, but I also have a lot of experience when it comes to other gamemodes.One of them being DarkRP where I have gathered over 500 hours of staffing in big communities such as Garnet Gaming as well as in Military RP and Police RP. Do you understand the role of a staff member: Yes, I understand the responsibilities and role led by a staff member. Why do you think you should get this position?: In my personal opinion, I would be a good fit for this staff team as I have a lot of experience on Gmod with over 5300+ hours where I have played in different game modes such as DarkRP, Military RP, Police RP and Star Wars RP. I believe that by playing in different genres of gmod I have been able to learn a lot about the game, the community and most of all how to take on the role of a staff member. I have also met a variety of staff teams, some of them with abusive staff that ruin the whole experience and others with more friendly staff members which attracts players. That’s why I understand the role of a staff member but most of all on how to be good at it. Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: Yes, I try to be on as much as possible whilst maintaining a stable lifestyle outside of playing games. Are you aware if you are inactive for 72 hours with no further notice you will be demoted from your position?: Yes, I understand Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: Yes, I understand Do you have a microphone?: No, but I am able to type in a very fast manner which has not hindered me to do my staffing abilities in the past Are you fluent English?: Though English is not my first language I do think that I am able to speak at an adequate level to be able to perform the duties of a staff member How available are you?: I usually am able to be on daily for a minimum of 2 hours a day unless I have any outside distractions such as exams. Do you have any outstanding warns?: None What makes you a good staff member? I believe that I would be a good fit to this staff team, as I believe myself to be a very approachable individual who is able to help anyone if need be. On top of that, I think that my previous experience as a staff member and my understanding of commands gives me an advantage over other applicants. I would also like to use this opportunity to help better my own skills within this community to help myself grow as an individual and hopefully help some people along the way. What does the staff team do?(MIN. 3 Sentences): The staff team is here to cater to all of the users needs/questions while maintaining a certain level of professionalism as well as maintaining order within the server. All of this is done in order to provide the best experience for the user and help keep them in the community for as long as possible to in turn help it grow. Lastly, they should also be able to be unbiased when it comes to punishing people and performing their duties. What is FailRP?: FailRP is basically when someone does something unrealistic which would not be reasonable to do in a specific role playing situation. A good example of this would fall into the category of disrespecting higher ups for no apparent reason as well as just blatantly having no regard for roleplaying when an opportunity arises to do so. Do you understand that you will be the frontline of the server and representing Prestige Alliance in every way?: Yes, I understand Do you understand that as a staff member you will be putting other people’s roleplay and experience before your own?: Yes, I understand Do you understand that you will be working in a professional environment and we expect you to promote professionalism?: Yes, I understand
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