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Feb 20, 2022
In Event Planner Applications
Steam Name: TonyIsTheGuy Ingame Name: Colonel Bartholomew Age: 29 Steam Profile Link: Time in GMod: 4054 Time In Server: Roughly 9 Months. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:39318243 Please state any experience with StarwarsRP event planning: My experience comes mostly from Aurora Servers where I went from Trial Event Planner to Senior Event Planner throughout a Year, with the higher positions already taken. I was also an Event Planner for PA before but left due to my own reasons, I like to think my events where rather enjoyed by the Community. Do you understand the role of a Game Master?: I do Indeed. Why do you think you should get this position?: I feel like the Life has been taken out of the EP Team, Most events are hosted by Staff or Management and the EP's that generally do events have not received much training in terms of improving their game. Are you active on Prestige Alliance?: Somewhat, I have a work schedule that unfortunately 3 - 4 days a week I normally have late shifts that prohibits me from attending peak times on the server. Are you aware if you become inactive you will be removed from your position? I do. Are you aware that you cannot apply if you have issues joining the server?: I do. Do you have a microphone?: I do. Are you fluent English?: I do. How available are you?: As stated above, my activity will be split between 3-5 Days a week depending on work schedule. Do you understand that you will be the frontline of the server and representing Prestige Alliance in every way?: Yes. Do you understand that as an Event Staff member you will be putting other people’s roleplay and experience before your own?: Yes. Do you understand that you will be working in a professional environment and we expect you to promote professionalism?: Yes. Do you understand how to use Garry’s Mod tools and commands in-game?: Yes. Do you have a good understand of Star Wars lore?: Yes. Please give an example of a large scale event with 40+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: 40+ people would normally give a really good base of a Campaign, however since you are asking for a Large Scale event. Separatist forces (With a High Ranking Member) have been spotted attempting to negotiate passage with the Hutt Cartel and numerous other black-market organisations to gain a foothold in the war by transporting supplies to their frontlines to reinforce their legions of droids. The Troopers are sent on a 2-3 map rotation basis each being met with a trip on the Venator where numerous mini events happen in regards to which regiments are online (ST Majority would mean a Jail Break, 501st Majority would be an Attack Fleet boards, etc). The whole premise of the event would be to sabotage relations and push the CIS back from making such allies, due to the fact this would involved numerous factions both Droids and Humanoids NPC's would be used to simulate the ever growing threat in the regions. Please give an exmaple of a medium scale event with 20+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: 20+ People would be enough for a planetary by which the troopers are sent to infiltrate an enemy held down, they are required to lay down in an ambush location until enemy forces begin to walk through and the troopers have to decide when the best time to strike is, too early and the droids get a signal out to radio in backup, too late and most of the droids have passed and are now flanking, perfectly timed attack will mean the droids are destroyed and they have a clear path to the CC to capture the ranking member. Please give a example of a small scale event with 10+ people online. Can be as long and detailed as you wish: Small events are what I consider to be a limitation of the resources given to the EP's, even a planetary with a small amount can be good fun with the right map, for an example, the troops are sent to reinforce a clone battalion holding out on the outer rim planet, however, when they get there the clones are dead, the droids have been destroyed and all that remains is a Sith Holocron, those that go near it would be RP Driven mad and run off into the local Fauna, in which it is up to the small force to find a way of cancelling out the effects of the Holocron. Feel free to add any further information here: Nothing really.
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